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  • ABS Speed Sensor | Wheel Speed Sensor | WSS
    INNOTEQ ABS Speed Sensors provide speed information to auxiliary systems ABS to help calculate the distance covered. 1) various models suited for different vehicles, such as AUDI, BENZ, BMW, OPE...
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  •  Cam Position Sensor | Phase Sensor | PG
    INNOTEQ PG Senosr is used to detect engine speed/ engine rotation position. It allows the ECU to change the injector opening, spark timing in various engine conditions. 1) various models suited fo...

    [Related Keywords:cam position sensor,phase sensor,pg
  • Mass air flow sensors/meters
    INNOTEQ mass air flow sensors(Air flow meters) measure the mass of air beingingested by the engine using a hot film anemometry technique. 1) various models suited for different vehicles 2) good q...
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    [Related Keywords:air flow,air flow sensor,air flow meter
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