Huzhou Li Hua Yu Je United Textile Co., Ltd.

Our company now is equipped with over 200 rapiers of various types of broad or extra-broad models, including 3.6-meter/2.5-meter/2.8-meter, double-halter and four-halter types. There are 60 units of 2.5-meter rapiers (Specification: 1200 stitches, single-halter and 11 designs), suitable for producing 57"x58" garment fabrics, such as 100d/40s elastic polyester-cotton jacquard fabric, cationic throwing flower fabric, T/R jacquard cloth chenille bar fabric, and golden-peel flax fabric. There are 30 units of 2.5-meter rapiers (Specification: Double-halter, and 5.5 designs), suitable for producing 80" home textile bed sheets, shower curtains, other decorative fabrics, as well as 57"x58" garment fabric of 5.5 designs. There are 32 units of 3.4-meter rapiers (Specification: 4640 stitches, four-halter, 4 designs/2 designs, and large-pattern), suitable for producing extra-broad/broad

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